- My Journey -


My journey to this point has not been an overnight one. Even though I spent my early childhood running around bare foot in Papua New Guinea, living on seasonal foods that were often sold at our front door, I quickly became an average Australian child, consuming copius amounts of weet-bix and white toast and milk when my family moved back to Australia in my primary school years.

When I chose Nursing as a career at the age of 18, my poor eating habits just escalated with shift work, broken sleep and cafeteria food. It was not unusual to go home after a really huge day at work and 'pig out' on 6 slices of white toast and jam, provided by the nursing quarters free of charge. I soon discovered that weight goes on fast when you do this but I couldn't help it – it was comforting. (I am pleased to say that my weight has been stable for the last 25 years and my energy is better than it was in my teens.)

As time went on I grew very dissatisfied with the way in which patient's didn't really get better no matter how many pills I delivered on my endless medication rounds. I saw the struggle with constipation, depression, poor healing and sometimes the despair, all the while asking how 'their bowels were', and filling in fluid balance charts & repeatedly asking, at an ungodly hour of the morning, if they 'would like lemon or orange cordial today?’ After a while I started to think... “this is insane”.

My real interest in nutrition & preventative medicine began on a personal level 20 years ago when my first child was born with complications; It was the combination my son’s complicated birth and my increasing dissatisfaction as a nurse that led me look for medical solutions that were not being addressed in main stream medicine. I wanted to find solid, balanced and evidence based answers that were practical in the ‘real world’; as a result, my approach is geared to helping people start from the very beginning, keeping the journey holistic and simple from the outset. I am very passionate about what I do, and my overall objective is to help people who are 'fed up' with being sick and tired enough to do something about it.

My interest in Adrenal Fatigue was sparked when I had to close down my massage business, just to make sure I kept up with life while trying to complete my studies. I was tired...really tired. I soon learnt that recovering from Adrenal Fatigue myself is not a quick journey and that it takes a lot of patience & ongoing review of lifestyle, learning to say 'NO', actually finding time to rest, having fun, exercise in moderation and a healthy whole food diet. It's because of this that I am keen to help others who are burning out on life – to regain their health and increase their pleasure of living.

I'm really looking forward to meeting you and cheering you along as you run your own race back to loving life.

Donna Stark
Nutritionist & Massage Therapist

Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine
Diploma of Nutrition
Diploma of Remedial Massage
Registered Nurse (Non –Practising)
Association Memberships: ATMS



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