End of Year, often referred to as 'Silly Season', is just around the corner. It is easy to get swallowed up with all the demands and lose the joy of the season.

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Anxiety can grow when the demands placed on us outweigh the resources available to us. (In other words, there's more out than in). This can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, burnt out and can result in poor performance leaving us exhausted rather than fulfilled. To help you this 'Silly Season", here are 6 tips that can help minimise this from occurring.


1. Put the big rocks in first

When putting sand and rocks into a jar, it's impossible to put the rocks in if the sand is placed in first, but if we put the rocks in first and then tip the sand around the rocks then both will fit. So in your life - write down decisively the things that are essential for you do that cannot be left but make sure some of these big rocks allow for things that will cause you to flourish - not just give out endlessly. Then when these are in, it's amazing how lots of other smaller things will fit around the bigger things.

2. Breathe

At least 2 - 3 times per day, stop and breath in really deeply getting air all the way down into your belly. This is best done by breathing in slowly while counting to 5, holding the breath for 5 and then breathing out slowly while counting to 5. Deep breathing will evoke relaxation anytime that anxiety is arising by oxygenating and refreshing our mind and body.

3. Don't say yes to everything

If saying yes to just one more event or opportunity causes dread or a knot in your stomach due to being over-committed, consider gently saying "Thank you so much for asking me, but I am not in a position to do that at this time".

4. Eat well and drink more water

When people buy a new car, excitement levels are high and the car is gently washed each weekend, foot mats are dusted off regularly and petrol is about all it needs. But as time goes on, the polish fades, the car might get a wash once every 6 months and before long it needs to be booked in for a service. Unfortunately our bodies are a bit the same, they need good fuel, a general service sometimes and a polish to stay healthy. Sadly, often our cars get more attention than our bodies; that's where your Nutritionist/Massage Therapist fits in. So to prevent end of year exhausted try the following:

Consider drinking more water. 24 mls/kg is a good aim. Hydrating your body will give more energy.
Aim to eat variety of unprocessed whole foods - try eating 40 different foods a day - a handful of pepita seeds, a few nuts, a cucumber, carrot, spinach, squash, meat, beet, radish, Greek yoghurt, a bliss ball, a piece of fruit or two, some legumes, sprouts, ....etc. (general advice nonspecific to particular medical or dietary needs),
Try juicing and add some greens.
Squeeze some lemon into your water and keep your ingestion of foods away from fluids to aid better digestion.

5. Less is more

Sometimes we have become overwhelmed in this western culture because we have too many choices and so much competing for our attention. And the materialism of the season means we feel pressure to perform, compete, spend and make exotic dishes; consider keeping gatherings simple with everyone contributing.

Maybe encourage Kris Kringle giving instead of purchasing a person for each person. This will help you keep within affordable spending goals
Decide how many events your family can commit to and then prioritise which ones you will attend and which invites you will decline.
If on holidays allow some 'down' days for actual rest instead of rushing to see all the scenery and experience all the action.
Have social media free days, or turn the phone on silent for small periods.
Stop to 'smell the roses', read one chapter of a good book; go for a walk or do something that recharges your 'batteries'.

6. Get some exercise

Stress is greatly minimised when we exercise, causing endorphins to be released and circulation to be enhanced. Even 15 minutes of interval training, a brisk walk, some stretching, weights or a team sport will do wonders to help you feel better.



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